Self-Care: A Preventive Strategy for Organisations

Welcome to enerjee, where self-care is seen as a crucial aspect of a healthy, productive workplace. Our self-care packages aim to reduce stress, boost resilience, and promote sustainable self-care for both employers and employees.

Why Self-Care?

In today’s work environment, self-care is essential as a preventive strategy to address challenges like stress management and burnout prevention. By actively investing in self-care, organisations can positively impact their employees’ well-being, leading to numerous benefits on both individual and organisational levels.


  • Stress Reduction
    Effective techniques reduce stress.
  • Increased Resilience
    Building resilience to handle challenges.
  • Enhanced Well-being
    Promoting a healthy work environment.
  • Cost Savings
    Reducing healthcare and absenteeism costs.
  • Better Retention
    Increased employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Positive Culture
    Fostering a supportive organisational culture.


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Customised Solutions

enerjee understands that every organisation is unique, offering tailored solutions to meet your organisation’s specific needs and goals. We work together with you to develop a package that fits your organisation culture and employees’ requirements, whether it involves a single workshop or a combination of various components.

Examples of Our Offerings

  • Group Sessions
    Interactive sessions with theoretical information, practical exercises, discussions, and case studies.
  • Online Platform
    Continuous access and support to self-care practices.
  • Workshops
    Focused on stress management, burn-out prevention, yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques, healthy nutrition, exercise, rest, positive relationships, boundary-setting, etc.
    • Stress Management
      Techniques to reduce and control stress levels.
    • Burn-out Prevention
      Strategies to avoid mental and physical exhaustion.
    • Yoga
      Classes for physical and mental relaxation.
    • Mindfulness
      Training to increase awareness and manage stress.
    • Breathing Techniques
      Methods for stress reduction and relaxation.
    • Healthy Nutrition
      Guidelines for balanced and nutritious eating.
    • Exercise
      Physical activities to improve health and reduce stress.
    • Rest
      Practices to ensure adequate and restorative sleep.
    • Positive Relationships
      Building supportive and healthy connections with others.
    • Boundary-setting
      Establishing limits to protect personal well-being and a positive work environment.
  • Individual Support
    Personalised coaching to develop self-care strategies.
  • And much more.

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About Me

With a background as a former engineer and a passionate nurse, I have developed a unique perspective on self-care. My journey started in the engineering business, where I firsthand experienced the impacts of stress and the importance of resilience. Transitioning to nursing, I witnessed the power of self-care in promoting well-being. My personal journey has deepened this understanding through continuous self-exploration, training, and courses. I focus on balance between body and mind, integrating yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques, healthy nutrition, exercise, rest, positive relationships, and boundary-setting into my trainings. My aim is to help your organisation foster a culture of well-being and resilience.